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When or How did we get here?


It was a normal Wednesday evening and I was heading to open mic at Isadora’s Cafe.  Bobby Johnson was hosting at that time and he wanted to introduce me to his friend Lynn Cornelison.  At first glance, Lynn didn’t seem like the type of person that would be a master with words, but that night he recited a poem that to this day changed the way I write songs.  My curiosity sparked and I wanted to hear more.  It was when I opened Asleep in a Wild Flower Sanctuary and found the poem Prisms that I knew his poetry was also conducive to songwriting.

Prisms by L.E. Cornelison

Pull down the shade
Turn off the moon
You are the medicine
I am the spoon

Brush back your hair
Let me see your face
There is a rose
There is some lace

Now blow out the candle
And climb into bed
I wish to be Prisms
That dance in your head

Take off your skirt
Let it fall to the floor
Reach out and touch me
That’s what I came for

Here is a feather
To touch to your skin
I took it from a b eggar
It was given to him

Now blow out the candle
And climb into bed
I wish to be Prisms
That dance in your head

The music for Prisms was written inside of a kitchen in North Bend in about 20 minutes.  Our next song, Bodies in Motion was composed inside an old trailer near Ames Lake.  The imagery on the back of Lynn’s poetry book is now tattooed on my forearm, paying homage to the dozens of songs we have written together over the last decade.

Starlit Skies was an 11 song LP, and the first album Lynn and I made together.  It featured spoken word pieces with instrumentals and included both our writing styles.  Caycee Furulie and my brother Bob Antone were contributing musicians on this Album.

Patterns was our second album and it featured some of the same elements.  Steve Forsythe and Kevin Guess were contributing artists on this album.  Lynn also featured his third spoken word piece Everyone Said they Loved Mary; from a small photograph.

In 2007, Lynn and I decided to form a band.  We played several local shows under our new name, the Left Coast Gypsies   The Left Coast Gypsies was comprised of Mike Antone, Lynn Cornelison, Steve Forsythe, and Kevin Guess.  In 2008, Kevin Guess left the group and percussionists Jonathan Nelson and Caycee Furulie joined the group.

Caycee Furulie has been playing hand percussion with me since I was 19.  We love VW’s and working on them together.  He is a great soul brother.  He feels the music through his heart and bones.  He loves the connection we make with our audiences.

Steve Forsythe has been my friend since music preschool.  We know each other’s music so well.  We are brothers by nature and write music together often.  It manifests through the air somehow and we know the notes to play without thinking about it.

Jonathan Nelson is a great friend and brother of mine.  We have developed a sense of humor that will bring us out of the darkest places.  We release a lot of energy at shows.  We have a great working relationship.  I am very grateful for his help on our website and fundraiser.

Since 2008 Lynn, Steve, Caycee, Jonathan and I have been playing shows as the Left Coast Gypsies at festivals, cafes, bars, backyards, sheds, trailers, rivers, living rooms and cedar groves.  We have taken time off from work, traveled hundreds of miles, sweat through our shirts, played our fingers to the bones, went through life changes, welcomed new family members, and smiled during the warmest days of summer.  There is one thing which we have yet to do… make an album.

This is where you come in.  We need your support.  Pre-order your CD, buy a LCG T-shirt, or just pledge 5 bucks to help us make our dreams come true.  Please visit and help us make our first album a reality!  We have already put a lot of money into our album and now we just need help during the last leg of our journey.
Thank you to all of our family and friends for all of the incredible support.

Thank you for making this dream a reality.
with Love,

Mike Antone


New website is live!

LCG showYes, we’ve moved into the digital age.  Click the “Become a Gypsy” link on the top right to sign up for the site, interact with the band, and get notified about upcoming shows.  Mike, Lynn, Steve, Caycee and I will be posting things we want to share about life, love, and music on this blog so please check back often.  Thank you for your love and support!

-Jonathan G. Nelson

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